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Your Leading Neurolens Provider in North Atlanta

Neurolens is a groundbreaking solution for those suffering from headaches, neck strain, eye strain, and even symptoms related to digital eye strain. As the sole provider in North Atlanta, Wildwood Eyecare is proud to offer this cutting-edge technology.

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Why Do I Need Neurolens?

In today's digital age, our eyes are under constant strain from prolonged use of computers, smartphones, and other screens. This often leads to eye strain, headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and even dizziness—collectively known as digital vision syndrome. However, these symptoms may also indicate a lesser-known issue: misalignment of the eyes or binocular vision dysfunction. This is where Neurolens comes in.

Misalignment or Binocular Vision Dysfunction

Eye alignment is the coordination of both eyes to focus on the same point in space. This complex process involves muscles, nerves, and various parts of the brain working in harmony. When the eyes are correctly aligned, they move together accurately, providing a binocular (two-eyed) vision that is sharp, comfortable, and 3-dimensional.

Binocular vision dysfunction (BVD) occurs when the eyes are misaligned. This misalignment can be horizontal (one eye is slightly inwards or outwards) or vertical (one eye is slightly higher or lower). The degree of misalignment may be subtle and not always apparent to the observer, but it can significantly affect vision and comfort.

What is Neurolens?

Neurolens is a brand of prescription lenses designed to address symptoms associated with eye misalignment. The lenses are customized to each individual and are crafted using a measurement process that assesses the degree of eye misalignment at various distances. Neurolens provide a contoured prism correction, which helps to bring the eyes into proper alignment and reduce the stress on the visual system.

Neurolens at Wildwood Eyecare

Wildwood Eyecare is the sole provider of Neurolens in North Atlanta, offering a unique solution for eye misalignment. Our specialized Neurolens services help alleviate symptoms like headaches and eye strain, bringing relief through custom-tailored lenses. Our team ensures a personalized experience, guiding you toward visual comfort and enhanced daily well-being.

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Fitting and Screening Process

The Neurolens process involves a series of steps, including:

  1. Initial Consultation: The process starts with a comprehensive eye exam. We will ask about your symptoms, including headaches, neck strain, eye strain, or dizziness.
  2. The Neurolens Measurement Device: We then use the Neurolens Measurement Device to assess the degree of your eyes' misalignment at various distances.
  3. Customized Prescription: A customized prescription is generated based on the data collected from the tests.
  4. Lens Production: Your Neurolenses are manufactured with the contoured prism correction to fit into the frames of your choice.
  5. Fitting and Adjustment: After the lenses are ready, you'll have a fitting session where our team ensures your frames and lenses fit comfortably.

Neurolens Success Stories

See how Neurolens solutions at Wildwood Eyecare have transformed patients' daily lives, offering relief and clarity.

"Neurolenses made a chronic complaint of mine for over 10 years disappear."

– Susan, Neurolens patient

"Neurolenses are completely different from any glasses I've ever worn. I don't have problems at all anymore."

– Mallori, Neurolens patient