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Our Team

Our team is the heart and soul of Wildwood Eyecare. They epitomize the very best in the field of optics and make our practice stand out above the cookie-cutter business models which treat patients as a dollar sign, rather than unique individuals. Our team is made up of talented, caring experts who work together to identify and meet your visual needs. When it comes down to it, it is about YOU, our valued patient, and how YOU see, feel, and look.

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Erica Sass

Business Manager, Business Partner

Erica Sass is the youngest daughter of Dr. Gray W. Sass and his business partner. Erica graduated from the University of Georgia, with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and a minor in Biology. She came to Wildwood Eyecare on a temporary basis in 2008 through a series of unexpected events. Her talents, skills and customer service abilities brought a higher standard to her original position at the front desk. From that small beginning, it became obvious to all that Wildwood Eyecare was a perfect career fit for her. Erica’s role has since evolved into a permanent position as Dr. Sass’s Practice Manager and business partner. Within that duty, she is responsible for the planning, coordination and supervision of the daily operations of Wildwood Eyecare. She ensures that the highest level of patient care, products and services are consistently provided to clientele. Erica is committed to keeping pace with ever evolving technological advances and integrating those cutting-edge technologies into the practice, as well as complying with an increasingly complex medical regulatory environment.

Erica feels privileged to be able to work side by side with her father, together running the family business. She has dedicated herself to building on the business model begun by her father 35 years ago. It is a legacy she is proud to carry on and is eagerly learning all aspects of the world of optics from the ground up (including optometric technician skills, opticianry duties, medical software applications, insurance coding/billing, Electronic Medical Records, accounting and finance, personnel staffing and customer service).

When Erica is not immersed in her duties at Wildwood Eyecare, she can be found traveling and exploring new places with her friends and family.

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With over 30 years in the optical field, Harold is our expert on eye glass lens technology. As our lab technician, Harold runs our lens cutting and edging equipment and is capable of finishing certain prescriptions while you wait! He is also a Licensed Dispensing Optician (LDO) and takes continuing education courses to stay on the cutting edge of developments in eyewear. Harold is dedicated to precision and timeliness in order to meet our patients’ visual needs.

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Pat has been in the optical industry for over 20 years styling and fitting patients with the latest fashions, frames and lenses.

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Optometric Technician

Angela has been an Optometric Technician for over 20 years. She became part of the Wildwood Eyecare team in 1995. She performs a variety of tasks to assist Dr. Mardak by maintaining medical histories and preparing the patients for examinations. She is in charge of all pre-testing for visual acuity, depth perception, visual field testing and glaucoma testing. Additionally, Angela conducts all contact lens education classes, as well as ordering and dispensing contact lenses to patients. A native of Atlanta, Angela resides in Woodstock with her husband Daryl and daughter Kendra.

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Optometric Technician

Peggy has been an integral part of Dr. Sass’s practice for over 25 years. After previously being in the optical department, Dr. Sass recruited her to join his team as his Optometric Technician. As such, Peggy keeps things running smoothly for Dr. Sass by handling both administrative and clinical duties. She conducts all preliminary testing, medical exam work-ups and contact lens education & dispensing. Peggy understands the importance of overall eye health and enjoys her role in making sure that her patients’ visual needs are met. Peggy was born in Roswell, New Mexico. She resides in Cobb County.